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An annuity provides income for a specific number of years or for life. An annuity protects a person against outliving their money. Annuities are not life insurance, but a way of accumulating money and liquidating an estate.

Annuity owner is the purchaser of the annuity.

Annuitant is the person who receives the payments from the annuity.

Accumulation Period, also known as the pay-in period, is the period of time over which the annuitant makes premium payments into the annuity. It is also the time that the premium payments earn interest on a tax deferred basis. Annuity Period, also known as the annuitization period or liquidation period, is the time during which the money that has accumulated during the accumulation period is converted into income payments to the annuitant.
Note: If an annuitant dies during the accumulation period, the beneficiary will receive the cash value or total premiums paid whichever is greater.

There are twoways to fund an annuity:
A single payment (lump sum) Periodic payments, in which premiums are paid in installments over a period of time.
Annuities can also be classified according to when income payments from the annuity begin.

An immediate annuity is one that is purchased with a single lump sum payment and provides income payments that start within one year from the date of purchase.

A deferred annuity is an annuity in which the income payments begin sometime after the first year. Deferred annuities can be funded either with a single lump sum or through periodic payments.

Annuity payout options specify how annuity funds are to be paid out. They are very similar to the structured settlements annuities options used in life insurance and determine how the policy proceeds are distributed to the beneficiaries.

The Straight Life Payout Option, also known as Pure Life, will pay a specific amount for the remainder of the annuitant's life. This option provides highest monthly benefit for an individual annuity. Although the annuity payments are guaranteed for the lifetime of the annuitant there is no guarantee that all the proceeds will be full fully paid out, because the payments stop after the annuitant's death.

Life with Period Certain is anotherr annuity payout that is contingent on the annuitant dying. Under this option the annuity payments are guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the annuitant and for a specified period of time to the beneficiary.

Fixed Annuities provide a fixed guaranteed payout. Payments that do not vary from one payment to another and guaranteed minimum rate of interest.

A variable annuity serves as a hedge against inflation, and is variable because there is not a guarantee of payout. Payments can vary from one payment to another, and there is not a set rate of interest. A variable annuity is considered a security and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). An agent selling annuity must also have a securities license in addition to their Life Insurance License.

As variable annuity premiums are invested and begin to grow this is known as the accumulation of units.

Annuity units is the payout phase of the Variable Annuity.

A variable annuity is considered a security and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). An agent selling annuity must also have a securities license in addition to their Life Insurance License.

As variable annuity premmiums are invested and begin to grow this is known as the accumulation of units.

A portion of each annuity benefit payment is taxable and a portion is not. The portion that is nontaxable is the anticipated return of the principal paid in. This is known as the Cost Base. The portion that is taxable is the interest earned on the principal. This is known as the Tax Base.


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CRKT Sketch Folder
The Sketch is a great example of what makes an excellent EDC knife. Simple, understated, and it just plain works. It has a blade length barely under 3 inches and stretches to a little over 6.5 inches when open. A frame lock keeps the blade secure while you work, and the 8Cr14MoV steel will keep a sharp edge. A thumb hole at the spine provides one-handed opening capability. The K-tip blade profile is very handy, especially when fine detail work is needed.

TOPS Knives XXX Dicer
Combine a wide spatula with a chef’s knife and you’re on the right track for the XXX Dicer. Part of the growing kitchen collection from TOPS Knives, it measures 8.88 inches from tip to butt, with the blade stretching 7 inches of that length. The handle is red and black G-10, providing a positive grip no matter what you’re slicing. The 440C steel blade will stand up to years of use, whether you’re in the kitchen or the backcountry.

TOPS Knives Street Spike
The Street Spike is simplicity itself. Start with a slab of quarter-inch 1095 steel and skeletonize the handle to reduce the weight. Radius the handle edges for comfort so you don’t need to add scales and you’re good to go. It's easy to carry, easy to conceal and easy to use for a wide range of tasks. Even with the Kydex sheath, it is small enough to fit into a pocket or on a neck chain. The plan was to create a no-frills tool that is easy to keep on your body and TOPS succeeded on both counts.

Spyderco Astute Folder
The Astute is a folder that punches way above its weight class. It has a four-position pocket clip as well as a lanyard hole, allowing a wide range of carry options. The blade is 8Cr13MoV steel, and it has a gently curving flat grind edge. A liner lock keeps you safe while you work and the textured G-10 scales keep the knife in your hand, even in cold or wet conditions. All in all, the Astute provides all the quality Spyderco is known for and at a value price point.



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Mortgage misfits
Tough restrictions on borrower affordability mean growing numbers of people are finding it hard to get a mortgage, says Patrick Collinson in The Guardian. Here are some ways to bag a deal if you’re a misfit:

You are over 40. Most lenders will only grant a mortgage to your planned retirement date – meaning a steep repayment curve for the average 37-year-old first-time buyer. It’s worth shopping around. Bath Building Society, for instance, doesn’t have a maximum age, “but will be looking for proof of continued income”. National Counties will consider applicants up to the age of 89.

You are newly self-employed. Unless you have two or three years of properly audited accounts, “you’ll be turned down by nearly everyone”. A handful of borrowers, including Halifax, Precise and Kensington, are willing to consider borrowers with just one year’s accounts. But you’ll need a deposit of at least 20% and you’ll pay higher rates.

You rely on bonuses. Lenders have made life much tougher if commission or bonuses make up a large part of your pay. Much depends on how often you receive payments. If bonuses are paid weekly, monthly or quarterly, lenders may be sympathetic. But just 50% of a bonus paid annually will count for mortgage purposes.


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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Property Settlement

1. Insurance

Haven't organised insurance yet? Get it now! It can be a risky practice to rely on the vendor's  insurance cover (or lack thereof) if something happens to the property during the period from exchange to settlement. Having adequate insurance in place will give you peace of mind.

2. Keys, codes and passes

Make sure you organise who has the keys and when you can collect them from the agent or your legal representative. Also, make sure you have the alarm codes (if any) and instruction manuals. Some purchasers want to collect the keys that day from the agent; others have the keys delivered to their solicitor after settlement. By sorting out the logistics beforehand, you can enjoy your property sooner (without setting off any house alarms!).

3. Final inspection

This is probably the most important inspection you will undertake, so you should organise it during daylight hours as close as possible to settlement and really take your time with it. Has any debris been left behind? Do the fittings and fixtures remain? Are the contractual inclusions actually in place? Have the exclusions been disposed of?

4. Final Title Search

Just like a final inspection, a final title search will inform you if there have been any dealings with or new interests in the legal ownership of the property. After all, you can't buy something from someone if they don't own it. You'll also need to remove any caveat you've placed on the title to enable the change of ownership to take place.

5. Cheque directions

Your legal advisor and lender will organise the cheques on your behalf, but it's up to you to make sure the settlement amounts and payees are correct before property settlement. Also, make sure the cheques have correct spellings - incorrectly issued non-negotiable bank cheques can hold up and delay a settlement, and that's the last thing you want!

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What Is a Structured Settlement Annuity?
A structured annuity settlement is a financial vehicle that includes periodic payments, provided that the plaintiff in a personal injury liability lawsuit replaces a cash payment settlement. This type of financial tool can only be configured with a licensed settlement planner. (Settlement Quotes does not create these insurance products.)

A structured settlement is set up by purchasing an annuity through a life insurance company such as Metlife or Monumental Life Insurance Company. This annuity can be a monthly, semi-annual, annual or lifetime payment from the claimant. These periodic payments are tax-free and are a great source of fixed income for an individual after a personal injury liability case.

selling annuity ᛋᚠᚢᛞ, Structured Settlement Annuity

Many people wonder if they can receive a one-time cash payment after they start receiving their structured settlement annuity payments. The answer is no, you cannot go back to a cash settlement for the total. You do have options however. Settlement Quotes provides services to people in this situation. We will offer you a sum of cash for your structured settlement from other companies.

This is not always the best option for many people. A discount rate will be applied to your structured settlement to calculate your present value of your structured annuity to calculate your cash settlement. Due to the time value of money, you will only receive a partial amount in the lump sum. After a court approval process the lump sum payment will remain tax free.

Quotes Settlement only recommends using this inexpensive option if you have other financial assets that can provide financial support for your family. Many people pay off their debts, send their kids to college, or make a down payment on a house with the money they receive from the factored structured settlement.

There are many benefits to keeping your settlement structured. Quotes Settlement recommends seeking the advice of a financial professional before factoring payments through a structured settlement factoring company. A structured settlement can be used as a source of income when it comes to applying for a loan. This option must be tried first before attempting to receive a one-time payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Structured Settlement Quotes is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the sale of your structured settlement or annuity payments. The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions, followed by detailed answers from our learning center organized by topic:

About Settlement Quotes

What makes Settlement Quotes services unique in the market?

For what types of payments does Structured Settlement Quotes provide price quotes service?

About Selling Your Annual Structured Settlement

What is an annual structured settlement?

Is it legal to sell your structured settlement payments?

What if your structured settlement agreement or annuity policy contains an anti-sale or non-transferable clause?

Can only some of your structured settlement payments be sold or do you have to sell all of them?

What if you have sold some of your structured settlement payments in the past? Can more payments be sold now to registered Certified Structured Settlement Quotes funders?

Do you have to pay taxes on the money received from the sale of your structured settlement payments?

What if you are in bankruptcy and have not yet been discharged?

The sale and transaction with a financier are risk free?

If you are a minor, can you sell your structured settlement payments?

Is It Legally Allowed To Sell Workers' Compensation Payments?

About the Bidding Process

How do you start the bidding process to receive quotes from our certified sponsors?

How long will it be until you receive the quotes?

How many quotes do you receive from Settlement Quotes?

Each of the quotes you receive is a guaranteed offer to buy your structured settlement payments?

Are you obliged to sell if you only request a quote?

How long do you have to accept an offer?

What if you accept an offer and then decide you want to cancel?

When do you find out which certified finance company gave the highest quote?

About the selling process and getting your money

Once you accept an offer, what are the steps to follow to complete the sale transaction and how long does it take to receive payment?

If the sale transaction is not completed for any reason, will you still receive your payments as usual?

About Settlement Quotes

What makes Settlement Quotes services unique in the market?

Settlement Quotes is a market leader in providing the industry for buying and selling structured settlement payments and other annuities in every state.

Settlement Quotes brings together, settlement buyers (Certified funders) to compete for their payments.

If you decide to sell, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the selected Certified Financier is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry to complete the sale and get your money in the shortest time allowed by law.

For what types of payments does Structured Settlement Quotes provide a quote service?

Settlement Quotes provides structured settlement quotes and other insurance annuity payments. Specifically, we can quote the payments you receive:

From an insurance company

As a result of a lawsuit or insurance settlement

Payments of any guarantee or life contingencies

Not as a result of a workers' compensation claim

We DO NOT offer quotes on:

Workers' compensation payments

Payments for a minor


Social security payments

TIAA CREF payments


Pre-settlement cases

Settlement of travel expenses

VA disability or pension

Other disability payments

About Selling Your Structured Settlement Annuity

What is a structured settlement annuity?

A structured settlement annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company to finance the payment of personal injury compensation over a period of time. It is sometimes referred to as an insurance allowance.

In the event of your death, your beneficiary is guaranteed a tax-free payment or series of payments over a fixed period of time.

Most structured settlements are the result of a lawsuit, with payments resulting from a legal action.

Is it legal to sell your structured settlement payments?

Yes. You can sell your structured settlement or insurance settlement payments.

Most states have a structured Settlement Protection Act. These laws allow you to sell your payments if the following requirements are met:

Full information should be given on the financial terms of your sale.

You have a "cooling off period" after signing the documents you can change your mind and cancel the sale.

You must be informed in writing to request independent professional advice regarding your sale. In some states, you can choose to waive the tips.

The hearing takes place before a judge who considers your case and decides whether or not to approve the sale. The judge will examine your financial situation, what you want to do with the money, and whether it is in your best interest to sell payments.

The judge must issue a court order approving the sale.

What if your structured settlement agreement or annuity policy contains an anti-sale or non-transferable clause?

An anti-transfer clause or anti-sale language does not prevent you from selling your payments.

Some structured settlement agreements or annuity policies contain anti-sale or non-transfer clauses such as:

"None of the periodic payments can be advanced, deferred, increased or decreased, they cannot be anticipated, sold, assigned or encumbered."

Since you must obtain a court order approving the sale of your payments, a judge will review and evaluate your case.

The judges have the power to approve the sale, even if the no-sell clause appears in the structured settlement agreement or structured settlement annuity policy which tries to prevent you from selling your payments.

Can only some of your structured settlement payments be sold or do you have to sell all of them?

You can sell part or all of your payments.

You can create more than one online file with different payment combinations and get more than one set of price quotes in order to better meet your financial needs.

If you only sell some of your payments, your insurance company will continue to pay the payments you still have on time and in good time.

What if you have sold some of your structured settlement payments in the past? Can more payments be sold now to registered Certified Structured Settlement Quotes funders?

Yes. If you have sold some of your structured settlement payments in the past, you can sell the remaining payments that you are still a beneficiary of.

Do you want to know how much your payments are worth? Get a guaranteed price offer set for your payments in less than 24 hours.

Do you have to pay taxes on the money received from the sale of your structured settlement payments?

The money you receive from the sale of your structured settlement payments will have the same tax treatment as the payments you receive from your structured settlement annuity.

If you receive your payments tax free then the money you receive from the sale of your payments will also be tax free.

In most cases, structured settlement annuity payments are tax-free because your pension was established to qualify for tax-free treatment under section 130 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The US Federal Government has taken several steps to ensure that payments received for personal injury damages are tax-free.

Section 104 (a) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code confirms that damages received from personal injury or illness are not considered income and are not taxable.

In 2002, a federal law was passed to protect beneficiaries in the sale of their structured settlement payments. As a result, Section 5891 was introduced into the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 5891 requires that the sale of structured settlement payments be approved by a court in accordance with applicable state law.

Please note that this information is provided as a courtesy only, and does not constitute legal advice. You should seek legal or professional counsel to deal with your specific circumstances.

What if you are in bankruptcy and have not yet been discharged?

We can quote your payments, even if you are in bankruptcy and have not yet been discharged.

If you are in bankruptcy, you will need to notify us before your case is quoted so that we can speak with your bankruptcy administrator or legal representative to obtain additional information.

Our certified funders reserve the right to deduct a commission for additional work in processing cases that have not yet been discharged from bankruptcy.

The sale and transaction with a financier are risk free?

You do not waive any rights in the sale of a structured settlement until the transaction is completed and you have received the full sale price. Furthermore, your case is protected by the court and a judge's order that forces the financing company to carry out its obligations. You are fully protected.

If you are a minor, can you sell your structured settlement payments?

Settlement Quotes does not offer quotes to underage beneficiaries as they have no legal capacity to sell their payments without the intervention of a litigation or a guardian.

Is It Legally Allowed To Sell Workers' Compensation Payments?

It is not legal for you to sell structured settlement annuities that arise from workers' compensation claims. You must keep the annuity until all payments have been completed.

About the Bidding Process

How do you start the bidding process to receive quotes from our certified sponsors?

To start the bidding process,

1- Go to the form above and enter the amounts of the payments, the date and the insurance company. You can enter as many cases as you like with different payment combinations to get the amount of money that best suits your financial needs.


2- Contact one of our customer service specialists at 1-888-562-1268 and he or she can help you enter the information necessary for our certified financiers to start bidding and competing to buy your payments. Once the offers are received, one of our customer service specialists will contact you to review your case.

How long will it be until you receive the quotes?

We are usually able to get back to you within a few hours (up to a maximum of 24) with the company offering to buy your annuity. You can receive all or some of your quotes, in just 1 hour.

How many quotes do you receive from Settlement Quotes?

We are going to share with you the top quotes we receive from our certified sponsors. The number of citations we receive will depend on the number of certified funding participants at the time your case is entered on the Settlement Quotes website.

Each of the quotes you receive is a guaranteed offer to buy your structured settlement payments?

Yes. The price quotes received are guaranteed offers to purchase your structured settlement payments.

We guarantee:

1- You will get a higher price from each of our Certified Financiers in advance, without problems.

2- You will receive your guaranteed quote quickly --- in less than 24 hours and, often, in the shortest time of 2 hours.

3- Each quote constitutes an offer to purchase your annuity payments that remains open for acceptance for 24 hours after publication in order to provide time to decide. If you do not accept the offer within 24 hours from the date of registration, the offer is frozen and may remain valid or may be revoked or modified at the discretion of the respective certified financier on a case by case basis. It is recommended to contact Settlement Quotes at 1-888-562-1268 to confirm the availability of these types of offers, if the 24-hour period has already expired.

Are you obliged to sell if you only request a quote?

No. There is no obligation to accept an offer to purchase. You may decide that you do not want to sell your annuity in which case we will close the file until further notice from you.

How long do you have to accept an offer?

Each offer provided by our certified partners is open for acceptance for a period of 24 hours after publication. To accept, simply contact us by phone at 1-888-562-1268 and notify one of our customer service specialists that you accept the offer and wish to continue your sale.

What if you accept an offer and then decide you want to cancel?

You should not indicate acceptance of the offer until you are sure you want to proceed with the sale. However, even if you accept and receive sales documents, there is usually a "cool down" in which you can change your mind and cancel the transaction. The reflection time period is clearly stated either in the sales compliance certificate or in the Assignment Agreement that you receive as part of the sales documentation.

When do you find out which certified finance company gave the highest quote?

You will be notified by email or phone of the successful Certified Funder immediately upon acceptance of an offer to purchase. You can rest assured that each Funding Entity is examined by Settlement Quotes and certified to be reliable, trustworthy and competent to complete your transfer and get your money in the shortest time allowed by law.

About the selling process and getting your money

Once you accept an offer, what are the steps to follow to complete the sale operation and how long does it take to receive payment

At Settlement Quotes we understand that your financial goals depend on completing your sales transaction and getting paid in the shortest time allowed by law.

Once you have accepted an offer and confirm that you wish to proceed with the sale to the winning Certified Funder, the sale process immediately begins as follows:

1- First call at 2 hours. You will receive a call from a customer service expert on behalf of the certified finance company within 2 hours of acceptance. At that time, our expert will inform you that Financial Certificated was the successful bidder and will provide you with the contact information.

2- Legal documents in 24 hours. You will receive the legal documents from the Certified Financier within 24 hours. A Notary Public will wait for you at your home or other convenient location to review the sale documents with you, answer any questions you may have, and sign the sale.

3- Process in court within 30 days. Our Certified Financier will complete the court process as soon as legally permitted. This could take about 30 days, depending on the state.

4- Immediate access to your money. You will get your money directly by bank transfer into an account of your choice immediately after completing the legal process.

5- The expected time from price quotation to financing and the entire transfer process can take about 6 weeks, depending on the state in which you reside.

If the sale transaction is not completed for any reason, will you still receive your payments as usual?

Our certified funder will process the sale transaction of your structured settlement, at no cost to you.

In the unlikely event that your sale is not completed for any reason:

1- Neither Settlement Quotes nor the corresponding certified funder will charge you any fees or penalties. This promise will be recorded in writing in the sales documentation that you receive.

2- You will have the right to receive all the payments of the annuity that you had agreed to sell as they mature.

3- Your insurance company will continue to pay all future payments as if it had never entered into a sales transaction.

You will have no future obligation to Settlement Quotes or the applicable certified funder.

see also finance and business knowledge


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10. Teke-Teke

This is the Urban Legend about a girl who fell under a train and was cut in half. She became a vengeful spirit that moves using her hands and elbows, dragging herself while making the sound -Tek-Tek- … if you hear that noise, youre supposed to run. Those who are caught by the Tek Tek will recieve a fate like her - shes said to slash her victims in half so that they look like her, and possibly become wandering vengeful spirits as she is.

9. Slit Mouthed Woman

You may recognise this one from a number of Japanese movies and TV shows. The traditional name for this being is Kuchi-sake-onna and dates back over 300 years ago. She is a woman who was brutally mutilated by her husband after he found she was having an affair with another Samurai. This left her in death as a restless spirit. She is said to cover her mouth with a cloth mask, a fan or a scarf. If you approach her, shell ask you if you think shes pretty. If you answer yes, she will remove the mask and when the victim screams they will be slashed from ear to ear until they look like her. Even if you say no, shes said to follow you home and brutally murder you that night.

8. Daruma-san

This urban legend is more of an old game passed down through the years. You shower in a bath, turn off the lights and chant -Daruma-san fell down- while you wash your hair … its said that you will see a woman in your mind. She is Daruma-San. Shell be standing up in a bath. Youll see her slip and fall onto an old rusty tap. It goes straight through her eye and kills her. Then, you will feel her ghostly presence behind you. If you turn around - there she is. Black tangled hair, rotting clothes, one eye is bloodshot and the other is just a bloody, hollow eye socket. The game continues even further than that if you dare, but I think thats enough for you to understand this creepy urban legend.

7. Girl From The Gap

This Japanese story comes from peoples natural fear of what lies lurking in the cracks of a home. Do you ever see something move past the hinge of a door? Is that someone looking out from inside your wardrobe? Have you ever pictured a hand reaching out from between your bed and the floor? Well it could be the girl from the gap - a spirit that lives both physically and metaphorically -between worlds-. Its said that if you ever see her, she will ask if you want to play hide and seek. At that point the game is on. When you her between a gap again, shell drag you to an other worldly hell.

6. The Red Room

This is a very modern Japanese urban legend about a pop up ad thats red with black test. In a childs voice, it simply repeats the phrase -Do you like?-. A boy who got the popup tried to close it but it kept reappearing. Then, it changed to -Do you like red?- … he keeps trying to close it but it grows large and changes again to say -Do you like the red room?- … then, the site changes. All red and black. It has a list of names on it - his friends is at the bottom. And hand reaches out towards the boys neck from a video. tHE Ending gets even more twisted but guess what, its based on a real website. Its still out there. If you can find it, youll know the gruesome legend of the red room and if the horrible ending comes true for you.

5. The Human Pillars

This legend dates back to ancient times in Japan where its known as Hito-bashira. Back then, there was a belief that a human sacrifice sealed inside a structure would make a foundation more stable. This means that many old Japanese buildings are said to contain the spirits of the people who were sacrificed during their construction. One famous example is Matsue Castle where a woman was sealed inside the foundations during its construction. Now her spirit is said to haunt the castle and whenever a woman dances there, the castle shakes violently. Many building owners in Japan are open about their building being a Human Pillar.

4. The Snake Woman

This one comes from the old Japanese folklore pf Nure-onna which translates to wet woman. She is often described as having the head of a woman and the body of a snake - with long claws, snake eyes and jet black hair.  She carries with her a childlike bundle to lure in her victims. If a person tries to pick up the baby, they find its not a child at all. The bundle then becomes very heavy and stops the victim from fleeing. The snake woman then uses her long tongue to suck all of the blood from the victims body until they die.

3. Onibaba

She is a demon women that often appears in Japanese folk folklore. She will often appear as an old woman asking for help but if you get to close, she will slice you open with a knife and eat you. She is said to be the tormented spirit of a woman who accidently killed her pregnant daughter and unborn grandchild in an effort to find a cure for her friends child being sick. She was told to bring them the liver of an unborn child but when she finally killed her victims, she found they were her own family.

2. The Dream School

This one is extra creepy because apparently if you don't forget it within a week - it will happen to you. Lets see if this is true. One night, a boy had a dream about a school. The hallways looped forever, bringing him back to the start. Staircases led back to the first floor. As he got scared, he heard footsteps behind him. He ran until he found an emergency exit with a glass box and a key next to it. The glass had been smashed and there was a note saying it could be found in room 108. When he found that room, it was empty - no students - but there were backpacks hanging off every chair. There was a pounding on the door. He opened it, terrified, to find the hallways covered with dead children. Its said that he never woke up from his dream and if you don't forget the story in one week, youll meet the same fate. Don't worry though guys

1. Onryo

This is a traditional Japanese ghost belief about a vengeful spirt that can and will physically hurt the living. Its a very scary concept if youre only familiar with the western idea of ghosts which don't really take solid forms and so cant hurt humans with physical contact. Thats not true for an Onryo. They are vengeful and full of hate, stopping at nothing to enact the suffering they received when they were alive. For any of you guys who have seen The Grudge, this spirit is the influence for that creepy girl in that movie.

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Dream Interpretation About Snake
Dream interpretations according to ancient texts related to dreaming interpretation of snakes with the meaning of dreams. And hit the lucky numbers from dreaming of seeing snakes as follows:

Dream interpretation snakes strap
Dream about a snake tying a search term, a garter snake, a snake, a slithering snake
Dreaming that a snake is strapped or slithering around the body, guessing that if you are single, you will meet your soulmate suddenly Notice that the dream If the snake bites the height of the body, such as strangling the neck, strangling the waist, the soulmate is lower than if it is a family member. In that dream, if you hold hands with the snake's body, you will receive a fortune as a son or a stray fortune, floating from a big gamble.

Dream interpretation of snake bites
Dreamed that a snake bites a search term, snake bites, snake bites, snake bites legs, snake bites head.
Dreaming that a snake bites, predicts that an enemy of the opposite sex will be malicious. or get favored by neighbors If the snake bites low It is a little misfortune, if the bite is high, it will be very bad. or otherwise will be ill due to travel accidents

Dream interpretation of seeing a cobra
Dream of seeing a cobra, search term, cobra, snake, snake bite
Dreaming of seeing a cobra predicts that hidden love may be revealed. If anyone has an affair or love that is hidden they may be caught.

Dream interpretation of seeing a python
Dreaming of seeing a python, a search term, a python, a snake, a slithering snake, a large snake
Dreaming of seeing a python predicts that there is a chance to find love that may be your true mate. And this love must endure in order to be successful.

Dream interpretation of seeing a king cobra
Dreaming of seeing a king cobra, a search term, a king cobra, a snake, a snake bite, a slithering snake
Dreaming of seeing Jong-Ang predicts that hidden love may be revealed. If anyone has an affair or love that is hidden they may be caught.

Dream interpretation of seeing a green snake
Dreaming of seeing a green snake, a search term, a green snake, a snake, a slithering snake
Dreaming of seeing a green snake predicts the beginning of a new relationship. It could be a new friend or a new lover.

Dream interpretation of catching a snake
Dreaming of catching a snake, a search term, catching a snake, a snake
Dreaming of catching a snake predicts that you may have a secret crush on someone. Or you may secretly like someone.

Dream interpretation of killing animals
Dream of killing animals, search terms, kill animals, kill snakes, kill cows, kill buffalo, kill tigers, kill snakes, kill dogs, kill pets, kill mad dogs, kill mad dogs
Dreaming of killing animals such as cows, buffaloes or domestic pets, predicting that they will be in trouble. because of the loss of love or family members in the house If you dream that you kill a poisonous animal such as a snake, a mad dog or a tiger, predict that you will be out of luck or a malicious enemy will defeat us if it is a case that will win.

Dream interpretation of the naga
Dreaming of seeing a Naga, a search term: naga, dragon, big snake, serpent, witness
Any woman dreaming that Naga or dragon or serpent comes to strangle us, guessing that who is single will get a partner. or get fortune from adults.

Dream interpretation of seeing a dragon
Dreaming of seeing a dragon, a search term, a dragon, a serpent, a serpent, a big snake
Dream of seeing a dragon or a serpent According to their own views in the house, predict that they will receive the patronage of an adult. or will receive a fortune by taking a risk.

Dream interpretation of a hole
Dreaming of a search word hole, a hole, falling into a pit, a snake pit, a snake pit
Dream of walking into a snake pit or the hole has broken tiles At the bottom of the hole, guessing that you will be out of luck or get out of disease or will suffer and have good fortune.

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Dream Interpretation About Snow
Dream Interpretation About Birds
Dream Interpretation About Gold
Dream Interpretation About Ghosts
Dream Interpretation About Celebrities
Dream Interpretation About Dolphins
Dream Interpretation About Traveling
Dream Interpretation About Bears
Dream Interpretation About War
Dream Interpretation About Rain
Dream Interpretation About Sharks
Dream Interpretation About Bulls
Dream Interpretation About Crocodiles
Dream Interpretation About Snails
Dream Interpretation About Crabs
Dream Interpretation About Saving Someone
Dream Interpretation About Garbage
Dream Interpretation About Packing Your Bags
Dream Interpretation About Fog
Dream Interpretation About an Operation
Dream Interpretation About Jewels
Dream Interpretation About Roses
Dream Interpretation About Snake
Dream Interpretation About King
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15 Types of Intelligence
Human intelligence has been the subject of research in psychology and other disciplines for a long time. However, its study has not been exempt from polemics and controversies regarding its definition, components and explanatory models. Despite this, for a few years new theories have been developed that break with the concept of a single intelligence and bet on their diversity. If you want to know what intelligences have been identified so far and their characteristics, keep reading this article where you will find the 15 types of intelligence.

How many types of intelligence are there?
In general terms, intelligence can be defined as the cognitive capacity that allows the human being to learn from experience, make use of reasoning, problem solving, abstract thinking and the understanding of complex ideas.

It is a faculty that allows adaptation to the environment and the survival of people. However, this definition of intelligence is not the only one and it is not shared by all people, since it is not currently considered a unitary concept. The study of intelligence from psychology has been and is a field that arouses great interest and controversy, in addition to having evolved since the beginning of its investigation.

The beginning of the study of human intelligence in psychology can be placed at the end of the 19th century, although it was in the 20th century that it became one of the central areas of this discipline. The first intelligence test was created in 1904 by Binet and Simon, with the aim of establishing a tool to measure it, they also explored the notion of mental age.

Later, Stern would relate the concept of mental age to chronological age, contributing to Terman finally developing the concept of Intelligence Quotient or IQ .

As for theories about intelligence, Spearman was one of the first to propose one of them, the bifactorial theory, by which there would be a General Factor or Factor G that is common and transversal in all the tasks that we carry out and an S factor that corresponds to specific skills for a certain activity.

With Cattell and Horn, a new point of view about intelligence appears, based on Spearman's theory, which proposes that human beings have two types of intelligence, fluid and crystallized. The first one refers to the ability to acquire new learning and adaptation to novelty, while the second refers to the ability to apply the knowledge that is already possessed.

Despite the fact that many other authors continued researching about intelligence and trying to establish the different types of intelligence in psychology, in the decades of the 60s and 70s the study on this subject lost interest and stagnated.

However, in the 1980s, Howard Gardner considers how many types of intelligence exist, giving rise to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, in which he rejects the unitary concept of intelligence and identifies up to a total of eight intelligences that are would be present in all people to a lesser or greater degree of development. This expansion of the definition of intelligence culminates in the inclusion of emotions and recognition of their importance in the mental faculty. The popularization of the concept of emotional intelligence is due to Daniel Goleman , who has also carried out multiple investigations about it.

So what are the types of intelligence? At the moment, the following 15 types of intelligence can be identified :

Logical-mathematical intelligence
linguistic-verbal intelligence
Visual-spatial intelligence
bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
Musical intelligence
Intrapersonal intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence
naturalistic intelligence
emotional intelligence
collaborative intelligence
existential intelligence
creative intelligence
crystallized intelligence
fluid intelligence
General intelligence or g factor

Logical-mathematical intelligence
Logical -mathematical intelligence is part of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Implicit in it is the ability to calculate, analyze and reason . It includes logical thinking, abstract thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning, numerical calculations and the use of the scientific method. It is one of the intelligences that has traditionally been considered representative of the general concept of intelligence and has great academic weight.

linguistic-verbal intelligence
Linguistic -verbal intelligence , together with logical-mathematical intelligence, has traditionally been part of the concept of intelligence in educational contexts. It is related to the ability to communicate, the use of language and the understanding of it. It encompasses both oral and written communication. People with a high development of this intelligence are capable of making good use of communication to express themselves, as well as showing the ability to capture information through language.

Visual-spatial intelligence
Visual -spatial intelligence is another multiple intelligence that, in this case, implies the capacity for the projection and abstraction of mental images . People with this intelligence demonstrate the ability to perceive reality, rotate and mentally manipulate models or physical elements, as well as have aptitudes for graphically reproducing them. This intelligence also encompasses the orientation and capture of dimensions, volumes and distances.

bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
Gardner defined bodily-kinesthetic intelligence as the ability to express ideas and emotions through the body and its movements , as well as the cognitive abilities that connect the brain with the body, allowing greater control over it. Strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and automation of learned skills depend on it.

Musical intelligence
Musical intelligence is another of the intelligences identified by Gardner and encompasses abilities regarding music. It involves the ability to sing, play musical instruments, compose , appreciate and distinguish sounds, capture rhythms, timbre, tones and melodies. It is also conceptualized as the facility for the expression of emotions through music, as well as the capture of feelings or ideas through the musical medium.

Intrapersonal intelligence
Intrapersonal intelligence is another of the multiple intelligences and is defined as the ability to form an image as accurate as possible and in tune with the reality of our own person. It implies being able to know oneself and understand oneself , recognize one's own feelings and be able to use this information to our benefit, regulating one's behavior and managing it effectively. It is basically the ability of introspection.

Interpersonal intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence is one of the eight types identified by Gardner. It is the capacity that is related to the ability to interact with other people , it refers to the social contact that we establish. People with a development of this intelligence can capture the emotional states, intentions and desires of other people through both verbal and non-verbal language. It is about the competence to understand and empathize with people and to be able to relate effectively through social skills and the adaptation of our actions and words to those of the other person.

naturalistic intelligence
It is the last type of intelligence that Gardner identified and is related to the natural environment. Naturalistic intelligence implies an interaction with the environment, an identification of its components and the ability to draw connections between them, as well as to make classifications and distinctions. It is the capacity that allows the adaptation to the environment in a competent way, as well as its manipulation.

emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence received attention, gained popularity, and spread thanks to psychologist Daniel Goleman. This intelligence refers to the ability to recognize and manage both our own feelings and those of others , as well as the ability to motivate ourselves. Therefore, the competencies that make up this intelligence are self-knowledge, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and self-motivation. For this psychologist, this intelligence has a central role in the functioning of various vital areas of a person, so that the most academic intelligence in isolation could not be a predictor of the success or adjustment of an individual.

collaborative intelligence
This relatively emerging intelligence refers to the capacity for greater content creation through the joint action of a group of people , who make decisions and overcome the obstacles of an increasingly complex environment in a shared way. It is therefore the ability of interaction, cooperation and coordination between a group of people. This intelligence relates to technology and digital content and is of great importance in the business context.

existential intelligence
Existential intelligence is related to transcendence and spirituality , but should not be confused with religiosity. It is the capacity for sensitivity and application of intuition and values ​​in the approach of human existence and the world around us. It is the introspection about the cosmos and its elements. In short, it is the ability to approach and respond to abstract questions of humanity.

creative intelligence
It refers to the combination between creativity and intellect ; it is the ability to apply logic and reasoning to the existing reality but having another vision or point of view that allows a different perception of it, being able to originate something new. It is therefore the ability to generate new ideas or viable solutions by proposing alternatives and experimentation. It is characterized by mental flexibility and originality. In the following article you will find more information about creativity.

crystallized intelligence
It is the accumulation of knowledge and learning that a person acquires throughout their experience and life trajectory. This intelligence increases over the years , it can increase depending on the cultural context, learning opportunities and habits. It includes aptitudes or factors above all, although not only, of a verbal nature. The elements that compose it are verbal comprehension, use of semantic relations, spatial orientation, evaluation and evaluation of experience, mechanical knowledge and establishment of judgments.

fluid intelligence
Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to adapt and solve novel problems on which there is no prior experience or knowledge, so it is independent of these. It is considered that it reaches its maximum development at the age of 20 approximately, tending to decline later in old age. It is related to neurological variables and is made up of inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning and memory span. Here you will find more information about Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence .

General intelligence or g factor
The g factor refers to general mental capacity , the factor that influences all the cognitive capacities or abilities that a person possesses, is common to all of them, and is a predictor of a person's performance and adaptation. It is conceptualized as hereditary and stable over time. Generally, it is defined as the ability to adequately perceive the environment, use reasoning and problem solving, as well as act efficiently in different situations.

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Supernatural Urban Legend
Calls From Beyond Urban Legend
A middle-aged man was on a train to Los Angeles, on his way to a job interview. He had recently become engaged, and he hoped that the job would allow the pair to marry. At 4.30 p.m. the vehicle collided at 85 mph with a freight train running in the opposite direction, in one of the worst accidents in America’s history.

His fianc?e heard about the crash while driving to the train station with the man’s parents and his siblings. Several of his loved ones received calls from the man’s mobile phone so they naturally assumed that he had survived the accident, even though all they could hear when they picked up was static. Although their subsequent calls to him went straight to voicemail, all through the night they waited for confirmation that he had been found alive and well.

Twelve hours after the accident, having tracked the signal from his mobile phone, rescuers finally located him in the wreckage. He had died instantly in the crash…and yet 35 calls had been made from his phone—only to his nearest and dearest—as if the mobile had been reaching out to help lead them to his body.

Midnight Fare Urban Legend
A taxi driver working the night shift on a quiet Sunday was driving past a hospital. A young girl hailed him down and hurried into the car to get out of the rain. She was wearing a hood and her hair partly obscured her face. She requested that he take her to a lake nearby, which he thought was odd, but he reasoned that perhaps she lived near it. She didn’t answer any of his questions, so he drove to the destination in silence, with the rain drumming on the car.

When they arrived, she asked him to wait for her, and she disappeared into the darkness. He waited for a long time, not wanting to abandon the girl out there on her own. Finally, she returned and asked to be taken to a new address, this time to a neighborhood that the driver knew. When they arrived, the girl got out of the car without paying the fare and disappeared inside a house. Annoyed, the driver got out of the taxi and knocked on the door.

An elderly man opened it but there appeared to be no sign of the girl. When the driver asked about his mysterious passenger, the old man said that there were no children in the house, but then he explained something: he once had a daughter, but she had drowned in the lake in a car accident with her boyfriend many years earlier. He said that sometimes her spirit caught a cab to look for him in the lake, before returning to her childhood home. The old man asked, worried, “You didn’t get a good look at her face, did you?” The driver replied he had not, and the old man smiled, “Good.” He then paid the fare and closed the door. When the taxi driver got back to the car, he saw that in the place where the girl had sat down was a puddle of black water.

Nure-onna Urban Legend
Japanese children are often told the story of a keen swimmer who went for a dip every day in the lake near his house in the mountains. Usually, he was the only person there, as he swam early in the morning when the water was very cold. One day he thought he saw someone else in the lake but, as he approached the water, he realized that they weren’t swimming—they were drowning. It was a young woman, waving her hands silently above the surface of the lake, so he dived right in and swam powerfully to her rescue. As he got closer, he saw the girl’s long black hair swirling around her as she slipped beneath the choppy waters.

He moved to grab her but suddenly his legs felt heavy and he could barely move his arms. He couldn’t understand what was happening, but then he noticed something strange: the girl was no longer struggling but staring directly at him with black eyes. As he desperately tried to keep his head above water, he realized that instead of hands she had claws, and instead of legs she had the body of a great snake, which was wrapping itself around his torso and dragging him down into the depths. He was never seen again—being a hero can have its consequences…

Clack Clack Urban Legend
An American boy was sleeping over at a friend’s house and they were both trying to outdo each other with telling scary stories. He’d seen all of his older brother’s scary movies, so he wasn’t that impressed with what he had heard so far. Then his friend’s cousin turned up, heard what game they were playing and, despite their protestations, sat down and joined in. He told them about a girl who was waiting for a train to her high school prom one night, when she saw a group of her friends on the other side of the tracks. Not wanting to be left out, she ran over a crossing just as the train was coming, and the wheels cut her in half at the waist. Ever since, people had reported seeing her legless ghost at the school, especially on prom night, when it was said that she would cut your body in half. And anybody who heard the story would see her in one month’s time.

A few weeks later the boy was walking home from school, when a girl appeared over a wall and smiled at him. He smiled back and continued on his way when he heard a strange “clack clack” noise behind him. He looked around in horror: the girl was crawling over the wall, dragging herself on bony elbows. As she dropped to the floor, he saw that she had no legs and when she started crawling towards him, her elbows made the spine-chilling clack clack noise, as she gained on him. He didn’t turn up to school the next day.

The Doll Urban Legend
For decades a small doll kept at a temple in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan, has captured the attention of Japanese people. The story goes that the doll, which has black hair and black eyes, and wears a traditional kimono, was the favorite of a little girl who died tragically young in the 1920s. The girl carried the doll everywhere she went and, after her premature death, the family placed her favorite toy in an altar in her memory. The girl had cropped the doll’s hair short to look like her own, and people would often comment that it looked suspiciously like its owner.

Not long Urban Legend
afterwards, the family noticed that the doll’s hair appeared longer than it had been. Although they dismissed the notion as a figment of their imagination, eventually they couldn’t ignore the fact that the hair was growing. When it reached the doll’s knees, the family, suspecting some insensitive prank, cut the doll’s hair so that it was short again but, of course, it only grew back longer. The family eventually placed the mysterious toy in a local temple, where it remains to this day. The monks at the temple cut the doll’s hair on a regular basis and it always grows back. Many years after the doll arrived at the temple, the hair was tested and found to be that of a young child.

Tunnel Visions Urban Legend
A busy highway in Tokyo, Japan, runs through a tunnel that lies underneath a very large and very old cemetery. The graveyard is not visible when driving a car underneath, but many drivers are said to have felt its presence over the years. A man driving back from a late shift at work one night narrowly avoided hitting what he swore was a young mother with a small child, but after he managed to get his car under control and swerve to a stop, he saw that there was nobody there. His friends blamed lack of sleep, but he was sure there had been somebody standing in the middle of the road.

People in the know would say that he witnessed one of the sinister spirits emanating from the graveyard above and becoming trapped in the tunnel, stuck between this world and the afterlife. On more than one occasion drivers, usually male, have described how they glanced in their rear-view mirror and caught sight of a young girl with long black hair on the back seat, staring straight at them. If they managed to keep their car on the road and checked again, they would find that there was nothing there. Other reports include people hanging upside down or banging on car roofs, and mysterious handprints and faces appearing on windows. The area’s taxi drivers are particularly wary: all of them know the stories of cabs being hailed by people in the tunnel, only for them to disappear when the door is opened.

Hanako-san Urban Legend
Anybody who grew up in the West knows the urban legend of Bloody Mary, who will appear if you say her name three times into a mirror in a darkened room. The Japanese have their own version: you must go into an empty girls’ bathroom and knock on the door of the last cubicle three times, then ask aloud, “Are you there Hanako-san?” When you open the door, you will see a young girl who was brutally murdered in a high school bathroom many years before. She always wears a red skirt.

Benjamin’s House Urban Legend
At the turn of the twentieth century, a wealthy family bought an old mansion in the south-west of England, high on the cliffs in a remote location, overlooking the sea. They lived with their young child, a boy named Ben, and several servants. Stories would reach the local villagers, who rarely saw the inhabitants of the house, that the owners were distant and cruel to their staff, who had little other choice of employment in the area. The devoutly religious lady of the house singled out one of the maids, a young cook, for particularly cruel treatment, claiming that the girl was evil and that she was corrupting the rest of the staff.

The maid would often return late from her weekends off, and the other servants liked to gossip: they said that she was a harlot, a liar and even a witch. She was a strong-minded girl and instead of denying the rumor, she played up to the stories told about her. When the boy’s father found her performing strange rituals in the grounds of the house, she was beaten and dismissed. Before she left, she offered a doll to the boy, who had always liked her despite his parents’ suspicions, as a peace offering. His parents were all for throwing it away, but the boy liked it—in fact, it became an instant favorite, and he even named it after himself: Benjamin.

He dressed the doll in clothes to match his own and would never let it out of his sight—or was it that he was never out of its sight? The boy would often talk to Benjamin in his room alone, even pretending to speak in its voice. His parents thought his behavior strange, but as he had no other friends to speak to and it kept him occupied, they let him be. Occasionally, the servants heard him arguing with the doll in his bedroom and one morning they heard him sobbing uncontrollably from behind a locked door. They told his father, who found the little boy hiding under the bed, because he said that Benjamin couldn’t see him there. The father was again ready to get rid of the doll but the boy pleaded to let him keep it in the house.

A rumor started among the servants that the boy was not talking for the doll; the doll was talking for itself. It became common to hear loud noises coming from the boy’s room at night, and when the door was opened, he would claim that Benjamin had done it. One of the maids reported being “followed” by the doll and spotting it at different upstairs windows, as if it were watching her work. It was said that the doll’s face had a different expression depending on who was looking: sometimes happy, sometimes sad—sometimes angry.

The urban legend stories eventually caught the attention of a writer who was staying in the village and decided to investigate. He was rebuffed by the owners, who denied all knowledge, but he persevered. He managed to talk to some of the staff, who told him that the doll had a distinctive piercing laugh, which could be heard in the upper floors of the house, and was often spotted sitting in different rooms of the house when the boy wasn’t at home; one servant even claimed to have seen it running across the hall. Eventually, the boy grew up, but he never left the house—and he never left Benjamin. When he died many years later, the household wasted no time in banishing the toy to the attic, where it was sometimes glimpsed peering out of the windows. The doll remained in exile upstairs for many years, until the house’s new owners moved in. They had a little girl who one day, while roaming in the attic, discovered an old well-worn doll with a sad look on its face. Soon Benjamin was up to its old tricks: the girl appeared to be terrified of the doll, saying it had attacked her, but she couldn’t bear to be parted from it. On one occasion, her older brother beheaded Benjamin with scissors and left it on the floor as a cruel sibling prank, only to find the doll the next day in his bedroom…with its head reattached and smiling.


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Supernatural Urban Legend 2
The Highgate Vampire Urban Legend
In the 1970s a London newspaper covered a juicy story that was terrifying the residents of a well-to-do suburb in the north of the city. The cast of characters included: a top-hatted gentleman thought to be a vampire who had been sighted several times—he apparently escaped from a cemetery each night to find fresh victims—and a vampire hunter with a band of dedicated followers. The paper reported that people walking in Highgate cemetery, resting place of many famous individuals including Karl Marx, had seen ghostly figures following them at night. A few days later it emerged that graves in the cemetery had been disturbed and the remains of a ritual act were found. Most disturbingly, an iron stake had been driven through the lid of a coffin and into the corpse inside.

The paper interviewed the self-proclaimed vampire hunter: he claimed that whoever had placed the stake in the coffin was mistaken and that the monster was still at large. Moreover, he declared that he and his followers had stalked the vampire as he was leaving the cemetery and that the creature was actually the reanimated corpse of an eighteenthcentury European gentleman: he had been transported to London in a coffin after his death and was now possessed by evil spirits. The hunter claimed that he had tracked down the vampire to a great mausoleum in the cemetery, where he had had the chance of putting a stake through his heart as he was sleeping. However, he did not carry out the deed, as it would have been illegal to desecrate a body in such a fashion, but he took sensational photographs of the creature’s evil, contorted face and scattered garlic in the vault.

Then the body of a woman was found in the grounds of the cemetery, not far from the mausoleum, causing a furore in the media. Hundreds of people turned up at the cemetery night after night in an attempt to find the vampire. The police had to guard the place for several nights to put the locals’ minds at rest. The hunter eventually cornered the vampire in a nearby mansion, where he had found refuge in a coffin. They performed an exorcism, put a stake through the creature’s heart and burned the corpse, thus ending the threat forever.

Modern Vampires Urban Legend
In Romania, land of the original Dracula, old habits die hard. Rumors of vampires rising from graves to prey on the living are still popular. In Transylvania in 2004, a group of villagers were worried about someone who had been recently buried. They thought he was responsible for a series of recent attacks in the community and decided to revert to ancient techniques in order to stop the crime spree. They went to the cemetery to dig up the body, which, they noticed, looked a lot fresher than would be expected, and a stake was driven through the heart. Then the organ was cut from the torso and burned, according to tradition. No more attacks were reported.

Vampire folklore has a long history in Romania, home as it was to the man who inspired Dracula: Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia in the fifteenth century. Vlad got his nickname because of his habit of impaling captured enemies on stakes. He carried out this practice with so many of his enemies that one visitor to the country described a “mighty forest” of corpses stuck on stakes that stunk to high heaven. When he complained to the Prince, it’s said that the same visitor was “impaled high up, so that the smell of the others would not bother him.”

It’s not just in Eastern Europe that stories of vampires cause people to take drastic action. In rural nineteenth-century New England, an outbreak of tuberculosis took hold, killing many, and as the disease tended to kill several members of the same family, worried locals surmised that the dead were taking others down with them. In order to try to arrest the outbreak, they invoked ancient rituals designed to stop vampires. In 1892 the Brown family of Exeter, Rhode Island, were hit by the disease. A young girl, Mercy, died, and her mother followed soon afterwards.

As inevitably happened with the disease, Mercy’s brother also fell ill. The family felt that their only option was to exhume and examine the bodies. The father enlisted the help of villagers for the job; they found that Mercy, who had died two months previously, looked suspiciously lifelike and that her heart contained fresh blood. This was a sure sign that she was the vampire to blame for the deaths, so her heart was cut out and ritually burned. The ashes were given to her brother on his sickbed, while others inhaled the smoke in a belief that it would protect them. Unsurprisingly, neither method worked.

The School Bus Urban Legend
Several decades ago, an odd urban legend story appeared in a local newspaper in a rural region of Wales. On the last day of term, a school bus taking children home was making its usual crossing over a railway line that ran up a mountain. The driver never liked taking the children over the crossing, but he had done it hundreds of times without incident. However, this time something went wrong, and the bus stopped right in the middle of the tracks. As the driver frantically tried to restart the engine, his worst nightmare began to come true: he heard a train sound its horn in the distance. Within seconds a heavy goods vehicle was looming large in the window. His first instinct was to save the children, so he leapt from the bus and smashed open the emergency exit. The last thing he heard was the terrible noise as the locomotive’s brakes screeched in vain and the children screamed as they jumped off the bus. The last thing he saw was the train driver above him, shielding his eyes as he awaited the inevitable. The train obliterated the bus, but by some miracle only the bus driver lost his life.

Over time the small mining community slowly forgot about the accident, until a recent story appeared in the same paper. It reported that an elderly man, a retired teacher, was driving over the same railway crossing when his car stalled on the tracks. The alarm began to sound and his panic grew as he fumbled with his seat belt. Just as he opened the door, and the guard rails lowered behind him, he felt the car shift, as though it was being lifted up from underneath, and the next thing he knew the train was thundering past behind him, so close that it rocked the car. He was so shaken that he had to get out of his vehicle and call his wife to drive him home, which is when he checked the back of his car for damage: the train had missed it by a foot. It was also at that moment that he noticed the marks on the boot of his car: they were bloody handprints. The man looked around in a panic, but there was no one else in sight.

Red Paper Urban Legend
Japanese children scare each other by repeating the tale of what happened to two schoolboys many years ago. One day one of the boys went to the bathroom, only to find that there was no toilet paper in the stall. As he cursed to himself, he heard a voice asking him whether he wanted red or blue paper. He answered “red” and all the blood seeped out of his body so that he died in minutes. The story spread around the school. Some months later the boy’s friend found himself in the same toilet stall, and again there was no paper. He heard the same voice ask him what paper he would like. Knowing the story and remembering what had happened to his friend, he chose blue. Gradually, his throat began to tighten and soon he was struggling to breathe. Classmates found him dead, blue in the face from suffocation.

The Survivor Urban Legend
One sunny summer day, a young couple were driving down to the coast for a vacation. They had left the town and were winding through the hills when they noticed a woman at the side of the road, flagging them down. She looked distressed and her clothes were covered in blood, so they quickly pulled over and asked her what had happened. She struggled to get her words out; she appeared to have an injury to her neck and was in pain. They finally established that she and her family had been in a car crash, although there was no vehicle visible from the road. The woman pointed over the side of the valley, saying that the car was somewhere down there and her husband was dead, but her baby was trapped in the back seat and he was still alive when she left him.

The man started to clamber down the valley through broken trees, while his girlfriend said she would call for help and look after the woman. He saw that the car had rolled a long way down the hill, and looked in a very bad way, but as he got closer he could hear the muffled sounds of a young child. The wreckage was terrible and he could barely see the driver. Although the back door was bent into the frame, he tugged with all his might and managed to wrench it open. He was able to pull the screaming baby out and carry him back up the hill.

As he hurried back to his girlfriend, he noticed that the woman was no longer with her. “Where did she go?” he asked.
“She went to see her baby. I tried to stop her,” replied his girlfriend.
So the man handed the baby over and returned to the crash site to find the boy’s mother. As there was no sign of her, he checked the rest of the vehicle. He hauled the smashed windscreen out of the way and saw that the driver was clearly beyond help, so he turned his attention to the passenger and what he saw took his breath away: it was the mother who had flagged them down, clearly dead and trapped in the wreckage all that time.

Esmeralda Urban Legend
Around 100 years ago, a sensational urban legend story filled the papers in Nottingham, England. A young gypsy girl named Esmeralda, who was visiting the area with her family, was raped one night and the attacker was never found. It was said that the police weren’t bothered about the fate of a traveller. What the papers didn’t know was that she had fallen pregnant after the attack and gave birth to a child, but he was horribly deformed and didn’t survive his first year. He was buried in an unmarked grave in a field on the borders of the city. Esmeralda was said to have visited the place every time she came through the area with her family until she was middle aged. On one occasion she found that the grave had been dug up, the coffin opened and the body taken. After struggling to deal with the memories of her ordeal for many years, the shock of that discovery tipped her over the edge and she lost her mind. Esmeralda was shunned by her community and ended her days in a cruel asylum in the city.

The urban legend story was forgotten, and the field became a children’s playground after the war. For many years locals had reported strange happenings at the site: some described the sounds of a baby crying, or something like the shrieks of a fox or a feral cat. Children playing would find the mutilated remains of animals, such as birds, cats and once even a large dog. A newspaper report warned parents that a young girl had been approached by an old woman wearing strange clothes who had asked if she had seen her child and then had muttered a curse when the girl ran off.

One night in the 1960s, a man was walking his dog, a German shepherd, through the park. The dog was running off the leash when his owner heard him growling somewhere in the darkness. He called for him, scared that he might bite a stranger, but then came a terrible yowling, and the animal raced back to his side, whimpering. It had a vicious gash on its nose and was limping. Then the man heard something wailing from the trees, like nothing he had heard before, and caught sight of something moving quickly across the ground towards him. He didn’t wait to see what it was and ran home as fast as he could.


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Supernatural Urban Legend 3
The Woman in White Urban Legend
A group of children were playing in a river in their hometown near Mexico City—a place they usually visited to let off steam. A woman appeared and started to ask them questions. She stood out from the locals because of her appearance: she was dressed all in white and immaculately groomed. She spoke quietly and occasionally sobbed, asking the children if they had seen Marcus and Gabriela, whom she called her “little babies.” One of the boys was called Marcus, but he didn’t know the lady, so they ignored her.

The woman disappeared as quietly as she had appeared. When the time came to leave the river, the children noticed that Marcus was missing. They assumed that he had gone home by himself and thought nothing of it, but by the next morning he hadn’t turned up and the whole town was looking for him. He was eventually found face down in the river; he had drowned. His family assumed he had got into trouble while swimming with the others, until one of the children told her mother about the woman in white and how she had been looking for her children. When Marcus’s mother heard the tale, her blood ran cold; she knew who had taken her son. Three more children from the town disappeared over the following month, and each death was preceded by a sighting of the pale-faced woman in white, asking after her children.

Centuries earlier, when the Spanish invaded South America, a beautiful native interpreter became involved with one of the commanders and had two children by him. The man eventually married a Spanish woman, shunning his native mistress and their offspring. In her grief she went mad and drowned the children in the river before leaping off a bridge herself. She tried to enter heaven, but could not gain access without her children, so she was condemned to roam the earth, trapped between the living and the dead. The urban legend goes that she wanders the land looking for her children, taking any she finds that resemble her own and drowning them, in order to bring them to heaven to try to receive forgiveness for her terrible crimes.

La Mala Hora Urban Legend
Maria from Arizona received a phone call from her best friend, Rosanna, who sounded distraught. Rosanna was breaking up with her boyfriend and he had left the house in a rage, so she asked if her friend could come and keep her company. As Maria’s husband was away on a business trip, she was feeling lonely so she decided to accept. It was late, just after midnight, when she left her house in her car, and the dark roads were deserted. She couldn’t escape the feeling that something was watching or following her, but she told herself that it was just her mind playing tricks.

Halfway to her destination, she stopped at a crossroads and suddenly a dark shape, like a cloud of smoke, rolled towards her car. Then it disappeared. The lights turned green and she accelerated but immediately slammed on the brakes when she saw a figure in the road right in front of her. She was small, like a girl, but with the face of an old lady twisted into a hateful grin. Her eyes glowed red, and she bared black and sharpened teeth. She crawled on top of the car, and started to scrape and hit the window on the driver’s side with clawed hands. Maria put her foot to the floor in sheer terror and the car lurched away from the crossroads, leaving her attacker on the tarmac. As she sped away from the lights, she realized with horror that the demon woman was still chasing her car and somehow keeping pace, her talons scraping at the metal with a terrible noise. She accelerated to well over the speed limit, her heart pounding, and then the noise stopped. Her heart was hammering in her chest as she watched in her rear-view mirror the figure in the middle of the road: she was standing still but seemed to be as close as before; she was growing towards the sky and her great claws were so large that they touched the ground. Then the car turned a corner and she was gone.

When Maria reached Rosanna’s house, she screeched to a halt, ran up the drive and slammed her fists on the door, shouting to be let in. Her friend opened the door in fright, and Maria told her to shut it and lock it. She closed all the curtains and told Rosanna not to look out of the window.

“What happened?” Rosanna asked, and Maria explained what she had seen on the road: the dark shape, the woman with claws and how she seemed to grow in the moonlight behind her. Her friend listened quietly, kept looking at her watch and seemed to know what she was talking about.

“Are you sure you were stopped at a crossroads?”
“Yes, I’m sure,” replied Maria, listening carefully for any noises coming from outside.
“It may have been la mala hora,” explained Rosanna. “It means “the evil hour”. They say she appears at a crossroads when someone is about to die. If you manage to escape her grasp, someone you love will die in your place.”

Maria was horrified, but she tried to make light of it, saying that she must have imagined the whole thing. However, she knew that she hadn’t, and she couldn’t stop shaking.

It took her hours to get to sleep, but when she awoke the following morning, she wondered if it had all been a dream. Rosanna didn’t mention anything over breakfast and Maria slowly forgot about it. Later that day, as she was driving home, her phone kept ringing but she didn’t stop to answer it. She had to pass over the same crossroads on her journey back but was relieved to find that in the daylight she wasn’t frightened. When she reached home, she saw a police car waiting in her driveway and wondered whether she had been burgled—or maybe her husband had been caught speeding again?

The officers got out of the car but wouldn’t tell her anything until she went inside. They asked if she was alone in the house and said that her husband had been found dead in his hotel. They thought that he had been followed back to his room by a thief, who had forced his way in and stabbed him to death for his wallet. Maria didn’t want to believe them, as she had spoken to him late the night before, so she asked what time it had happened. “Not long after midnight,” came the reply.

The Psychic Urban Legend
A girl and some friends went to a show put on by a “psychic medium” at a local theater. They didn’t know if they really believed in those sorts of things, but they thought it might be fun. Who knew, they might even get an insight into their future! One of their friends had been to see the same psychic for a private tarot card reading, and been told that she would find the man of her dreams and marry him within six months. As that’s exactly what then happened, maybe there was something to it after all!

It was a fun evening, if a little creepy at times, as the psychic seemed to be aware of things that only they and their loved ones knew. The psychic did a reading of the cards for the girl’s friends, writing something inside an envelope for each of them, and said that they could open them straight away or later at home. They all tore them open and read out predictions about marriage, heartache and great wealth.

Then the psychic asked the girl to come up to the stage and laid out the cards. She looked at her with a pained look on her face and claimed that something was stopping her from seeing clearly—had she lost a loved one recently? The girl replied honestly that she hadn’t. The psychic asked to read her palm instead and traced the lines on her skin, nodding solemnly. “I can see your future now, my dear; it’s all very clear.” She laid down her hand and handed her an envelope that she already had in her pocket. Her friends begged her to open it, but the girl pretended not to be too bothered by the whole affair, saying that she would leave it until she got home.

Once the evening ended, the girl bid farewell to her friends and drove home alone. She had pulled out onto a main road and was looking at the envelope lying on the passenger seat, thinking about what might be written inside, when she was startled by the blast of a horn and flashing of lights. A large lorry had missed the back of her car by inches as she pulled out in front. She breathed a sigh of relief and drove on nervously.

Eventually, she couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and leaned over to pick up the envelope. As she did so, the car drifted slightly over the white dividing lines of the road, just enough for a car coming from the opposite direction to smash into hers and shove it violently into the path of the following truck. She was killed instantly. When the firefighters arrived to cut her body out of the wreckage, they found a bloodied envelope on the floor. It made its way to her family, who decided to open it. The card inside said, “You have no future.”

Cow Head Urban Legend
A teacher in China was travelling with his students on a school trip in the mountains above the town where they lived. It was a long journey and the students, who had grown bored and restless, started to play up, so the teacher suggested that they should tell each other stories. He joined in and told them several spooky tales that soon kept them quiet as the night drew in. Then the bus driver asked him if he’d ever heard of a very old urban legend story known only as “cow head.”

The teacher looked shocked and went quiet for a moment. He told the driver that he had heard of the story but didn’t know how it ended. Besides, he had heard that it was too frightening for children. Some said that people who had merely listened to the tale had lost their minds, and there were even rumors that it had taken lives. The bus driver smiled to himself, but the children overheard their conversation and were soon clamoring to hear the “cow head” story.

The teacher reasoned that he couldn’t do any real harm, as he didn’t know the whole story anyway; he could make it up as he went along. He started to tell the tale of a government official who had arrived to take a census in a remote village in the mountains, many decades ago. The last census had suggested that there should have been several hundred citizens there, but the place was completely deserted. The only signs of life were the bones of animals scattered in the dust. The official found the place unnerving and travelled to the next settlement, a long way over a mountain pass, where he asked what had happened to the villagers.

They said that nobody knew for sure, but there were rumors that they went mad and ate each other during a terrible famine. The official called in colleagues from the government to investigate. Amongst the animal skeletons, they found the strange remains of a man with what appeared to be the head of a cow. Locals said that the man had seemed perfectly normal when he first arrived in the village, but he had brought a terrible curse down upon them.

At this point in the narration, the children on the bus started to cry and asked the teacher to stop telling the urban legend story. But something had come over him: he was no longer in control and he continued with the tale as though in a trance, staring dead ahead. The children were trying to cover their ears and some started to foam at the mouth. They attempted to move from their seats but their arms were pinned down by their sides. The teacher continued to recite the urban legend story with a blank look in his eyes, a tale that became more horrific with every word. The last thing the children remembered before they passed out was the look in their teacher’s eyes. When a passing driver came upon the bus many hours later, the teacher and all the students were still unconscious. It took days for them to come round but the teacher was found to be in a deep coma from which he never recovered. The bus driver was never seen again. None of the children on the bus who heard the cow head tale would ever dare to recite it, not even to each other.


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Supernatural Urban Legend 4
Prime Real Estate Urban Legend
A large, pretty family house in Amityville, New York, has a secret and that’s why it has remained empty for decades, despite a local property boom. In 1974 a man murdered his entire family in that house, shooting his wife and three small children with a hunting rifle as they slept. At his trial the defense tried to get him declared insane, as he claimed that he was being controlled by strange voices in his head belonging to the previous occupants of the house, who had told him to commit the crime.

The experts, however, did not agree that he was mad. The jury convicted him of first-degree murder and he was given four consecutive life sentences, one for each life he had taken. The house lay empty for a year, as the family’s relatives couldn’t bear to even set foot in the place. They finally sold it way under market price to a young family from out of town, who had never heard about the murders. When neighbors finally told them, they pretended that they weren’t bothered, but certain things started to make sense, as they had been plagued with problems since moving in: the water ran red from the taps and mysterious foul-smelling black gunk oozed from the toilets. The father found strange marks in the door frames, which looked to him like the imprint of a small child’s teeth, but his own children denied any knowledge.

Each of the family members reported hearing the sound of music at night, from an unknown source, and, strangest of all, their youngest daughter became obsessed with a demonic imaginary friend that she described as a pig. The parents didn’t believe in ghosts, or anything supernatural, but the kids refused to go upstairs at night, so they called in a priest to perform an exorcism. They told themselves it was just to reassure the kids that the house was safe. The priest was relaxed and friendly when he arrived, but he became noticeably disturbed after blessing the upstairs rooms and left before performing a full exorcism. He told them that although the house was not haunted, on no account should anyone sleep in the third bedroom. They were sceptical, but they locked that door. The happenings continued, but the family were too proud to move—who would buy the place anyway? The final straw came when the young mother was woken by dark red liquid dripping from the ceiling of the bedroom, and the family moved out to a motel that very night. They had lasted six weeks. Nobody in the neighborhood was surprised; some had even commented on how the new owner looked remarkably similar to the murderer and joked darkly that he had escaped just in time to save his family.

Lake Ronkonkoma Urban Legend
Lake Ronkonkoma, in New York State, is an ancient and extremely deep lake that has been linked to many tragic stories. It’s often claimed that someone has drowned there every year as far back as records began. There was once a tribe of Native Americans living on the shores of the lake, at the mouth of a river, and a rival tribe was based on the opposite side. The princess of one tribe fell in love with the prince from the other, and once the elders found out, she was forbidden to even cross the river, never mind see her prince again. The two tribes had been warring for decades, and there was too much bad blood between them to risk a union.

Young love being what it is, the prince and princess took a dugout canoe one night and escaped onto the lake. They didn’t have a plan, but they wanted to be together. They had not been paddling for long when the wind suddenly grew into a monstrous storm, and the surface of the lake was whipped into great waves. They held onto the canoe for dear life as the water around them surged into a foaming whirlpool, and they were dragged down to the bottom of the lake in a tragic embrace. Afterwards, the elders told the youths of both tribes about the pair, explaining that the lake spirits did not agree with the union and that was why they had taken those young lives.

Despite the stories associated with it, the beautiful lake still draws young people to its shores every summer. They paddle boats out into the middle and dare each other to dive into the cool waters. Every year someone fails to surface—always someone who is in a loving relationship—and the body is never recovered. The urban legend story goes that they are cursed by the tragic Native American princess, who, jealous of her victim’s happiness, drags them down into the depths.

The Black Lady of the Woods Urban Legend
A local newspaper in Lincolnshire, England, published images taken by a girl who had been walking with her cousin in woods near her home. She told the paper that they had been playing around with her camera in the dark, taking pictures of her cousin, who was an aspiring model, and didn’t see anybody else around. But when the girls looked at the photographs a couple of days later on a computer, they saw that they had captured strange shadows in the trees: the floating figures of mysterious people and ghostly faces in the darkness. The girls didn’t really believe in ghosts, but after a little research on the history of the woods, they knew exactly what they had captured: the Black Lady of the Woods.

Hidden in the undergrowth is an abandoned stone cottage near a pond where, in the seventeenth century, a poor gamekeeper lived with his wife and son, or so the urban legend story goes. After the outbreak of the English Civil War he was forced into fighting for his master, who supported the king, and marched off to battle. He told his wife that he would return within six months, but he never did, and she took to wandering the woods to look for him.

One Christmas, a band of Roundheads fighting the king rode through the forest on horseback. Identifying the land as enemy territory, they claimed the wood and everything in it, including the gamekeeper’s cottage. They stole everything the wife had, including her young son, and burned the house. It was said that the woman died of grief and, from that day on, people have claimed to see a lady—hunched over and crying, dressed in a black cloak and hood—wandering the woods, looking for her missing husband and child. It’s believed that she can still be seen in the forest to this day, and if you walk in the woods at Christmas time and utter the words, “Black lady, black lady, I’ve stolen your baby” three times, she will appear in front of you.

Betsy’s Voice Urban Legend
Boy Scouts on camping trips tell their rookie recruits a urban legend story that dates back to the early days of scouting after World War Two. In a forest surrounding an abandoned airfield, there was an old house where Scouts would play hide-and-seek. The place had been bought cheaply by a young couple, Betsy and her husband Johnny, before the war. They hoped to renovate it and make it their perfect family home.

Betsy was an aspiring singer whose career was cut short by the outbreak of the war. She was driving down the track from the house one night, when a truck full of soldiers coming back from the pub came the other way. They were making a racket, completely inebriated, and distracting  the driver. He took his eyes off the road for a moment to tell them to pipe down, just long enough to veer into Betsy’s path, crashing head first into her car and killing her instantly. Her body was so badly disfigured that the police wouldn’t let her husband, Johnny, say goodbye to her. She was identified only by the large diamond ring he had given her, a family heirloom. Johnny buried the ring with her, devastated, and moved to another country, letting the house go to ruin.

Many years later the house was discovered by a group of Scouts on a hike through the forest from their camp. It seemed like the perfect place to light a campfire, play games and tell creepy stories. But it was not to be an idyllic Boy Scout adventure. The first thing they noticed was a female voice joining them in songs around the fire, which was odd because back then girls weren’t allowed in the Scouts. Above the crackling of the flames, they heard her again, and it sounded as if she was inside the house. Finally, they saw her, initially looking out of the windows and then walking round the campfire: a terribly disfigured girl in a pretty dress. And then Betsy was gone.

The next morning one of the boys could not be woken. His mates were horrified to discover that he was dead, and the only signs of any injuries suffered were some nasty scratches on his face. “Betsy did it!” cried one of the boys, when he saw the body and, after some coaxing, he recounted what had happened in the night.

Betsy had returned to pay the lads a visit in the small hours and woken two of the boys with her singing. She asked them one by one if they thought she had a beautiful voice. The first boy had been too scared to answer and an angry Betsy slashed him across the face with her diamond ring, saying that once he fell asleep, he would never wake up again. Then she asked the other boy the same question and, without hesitation, he told her that she did indeed have a beautiful voice, so Betsy smiled and disappeared into the woods, singing all the way. The terrified boys tried to stay awake, but eventually they both fell asleep. Only one of them awoke in the morning. To this day Scouts are told to listen out for Betsy around the campfire and tell her what she wants to hear; she always wanted to be a singer, but she never liked critics.

Milk Bottles Urban Legend
Two old men ran a general store in a small town in the American urban legend Midwest. The Depression had hit and business was hard: the customers stopped visiting and soon only a few regulars were keeping them afloat. One day a young woman dressed all in white entered the store, carrying an empty milk bottle. She placed it on the counter and one of the men filled it with milk from the churn, asking for ten cents in return. The girl, who had a sad look in her eyes, did not reply; instead, she picked up the bottle and quietly left the store. The man was too surprised to say anything and when he followed her out of the shop, she was nowhere to be found. He went back inside, muttering to himself that she was probably a migrant from the city who didn’t know how things worked out there.

He told his partner what had happened and to watch out for her. The next day she returned, again carrying an empty milk bottle. This time he told her that he knew that times were hard, but she had to pay like everybody else. He filled the bottle from the churn, but again she ignored him and walked out with the milk. On this occasion, however, the two men were ready, and they followed her through the town. She moved quickly, and they could barely keep up, but they saw that she headed for the church and stopped in front of a gravestone, where she disappeared.

The two men couldn’t believe their eyes, but they figured they couldn’t both be seeing things. Then they heard the sound of a baby crying close by, but they couldn’t see anybody. They realized that the noise was coming directly from the gravestone where the woman had vanished into thin air. They returned with shovels from their store, informing the sheriff on their way, and as they dug into the grave, the crying got louder. When they lifted the coffin out, they found a live baby inside, next to the woman from the store, who was clearly dead, and two empty milk bottles.


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3 Horrifying Unsolved Machete Murders
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station  he was intoxicated and he was harassing  people  at some point he started yelling at a  group of people  who were standing on the platform across  the tracks from him  he specifically targeted a man who was  about 25 years old  the man was tall with short hair and he  was wearing a nice suit  the man was also carrying a briefcase  after being cursed at the man put his  briefcase down on a bench  and he opened it he pulled a machete  out of the briefcase he dropped down on  the track  crossed the rails and climbed up on the  other side of the platform  he calmly walked up to buzada and  whacked him in the neck with the machete  the injury was gruesome  then the man crossed back to the  platform where he had been standing  and put the bloody machete back into his  briefcase  then he did what was described as an  ironic hand gesture  to the shocked onlookers he then boarded  the next train and he was transported  out of the station  thirty-seven-year-old elaine buzada was  later pronounced dead  despite dozens of people witnessing the  murder the mysterious machete-wielding  man  in the suit has never been identified  and the murder is considered cold  number two eddie patelli  mamma mia pizza was a pizza shop in  stevenson ranch california  stevenson ranch is an affluent census  designated place  in the santa clarita valley  mamma mia pizza was a popular place for  people  to get a new york style slice of pizza  [Music]  in june 2006 72 year old eddie patelli  was a volunteer cook at the restaurant  patelli was a native of rhode island and  he came from a  family of law enforcement  patelli never worked in law enforcement  himself  instead patelli who was self-taught  cooked for many years at members only  club  [Music]  and for several years he owned and  operated his own restaurant  patelli had a passion for cooking  because he loved how his food brought  smiles to people's faces  another one of his passions was music  he played drums in several jazz bands  vitelli was married but in the 1980s he  and his wife got divorced  [Music]  after the divorce he moved to california  in 2000 patelli's only child a son  died after a battle with cancer  after that patelli got a dog and they  were inseparable  in june 2006 patelli and his dog lived  in canyon country  which is a suburb in santa clarita  patelli had a granddaughter who lived in  texas  [Music]  vitelli's friends and family called him  a sweet man who was also a lot of fun  but patelli did have a secret  for example he was missing his right  index finger  and no one knows how he lost it  the only thing he would say about it was  that he lost it when he was 25 years old  in june 2006 mamma mia's pizza didn't  open until 11 a.m  but vitelli usually arrived hours  earlier to make the pizza sauce  that is what he did on june 12 2006  at 8 10 a.m a delivery man dropped off  some produce  the delivery man stayed and drank coffee  with patelli for a few minutes  and then he left shortly after he left  a man came in through the unlocked back  door  the man led patelli through the kitchen  through the back room  and out the back door to an alley behind  the restaurant  just before 8 30 pm the owner of the  pizza shop  anthony's pasado arrived at the shop  when he got into the kitchen he noticed  that the back door was open  he heard patelli pleading with the man  in the back alley  vitelli was saying don't hurt me i don't  have anything  [Music]  spasato didn't know what was happening  but he didn't want to walk into a  dangerous situation  [Music]  so he went out the front door it ran to  the alley by going around the building  when spacado got to the alley he saw a  man with a gun in his left hand  and an 18-inch machete in the right hand  standing with battalion  saw spasato and he shouted tony help me  he has a gun clenbutelli tried to run  but patelli had previously undergone two  surgeries on his hips  so he didn't move quickly  the iron man caught the 72 year old man  by the back of the shirt  he pulled him back and pushed him to the  ground  he then started attacking patelli with  the machete  spasado ran to a construction truck that  was parked nearby  he told the workers to call 9-1-1 and he  grabbed a shovel  once pasado got back to the alley he  told the attacker to stop  and started banging the shovel on the  ground  but the man continued to attack patelli  when the attacker was finished he walked  down the alley out to the road  he got into a silver dodge magnum  station wagon  and he drove off  unfortunately by the time first  responders arrived it was too late to  help 72 year old eddie patelli  he had been stabbed in the left side of  the chest the lower abdomen  the chest bone and in the solar plexus  he also had cuts on his left ear and his  lower back  his right hand had defensive wounds  he lost about a quarter of all the blood  in his body  the police were at lost to the motive  when the killer came into the restaurant  it appeared he made no attempts to steal  anything  also why would the CREEPIEST URBAN LEGENDS killer force patelli  into the alley  if it was robbery patelli was a 72 year  old man with mobility issues  so it had been easy for the killer to  push him down and take anything you  wanted  something else that the police couldn't  figure out is why would the killer  attack him with a machete  instead of shooting him  in the alley the police found a  cardboard box that contained the machete  [Music]  based on the box the murder weapon was a  nicholson 18-inch machete  the police also found several clear  plastic bags  the place whereas the pitelli's murder  was connected to organized crime  they said that they had received several  tips concerning organized crime  and they had not ruled out that  possibility  this sketch was developed based on  eyewitness accounts  the killer was described as a white or  light-skinned hispanic man  in his late 20s he was clean-shaven  and he had dark hair he was about five  foot seven  and weighed around 160 pounds  at the time of the murder he was wearing  a white t-shirt a black hoodie  and blue jeans he was also carrying a  backpack  over one of his shoulders and the killer  still alive today  he would approximately be in his mid-40s  a man DEATHS REMAIN UNSOLVED was recorded on a camera at a  restaurant next door to mamma mia's  however the footage isn't clear and you  could not see the man's face  only these stills have been released  the police believe that this figure may  be the killer  [Music]  the friends of family of eddie patelli  are hoping that the case will be solved  soon  after 15 years the police want to close  what they consider to be  the grisliest unsolved murder in the  santa clarita valley  [Music]  number one jody cooper  carrie wood is an unincorporated  community in northern idaho  it is home to only a few hundred people  in early 1992 jody cooper lived there  with her common-law husband  41-year-old robert crockett who went by  the name p  also living with them was jodie's son  from a previous marriage  17-year-old jeremy cooper and the son  she had with pete  eight-year-old kenneth crockett they  lived in an isolated house that was  surrounded by pine trees  [Music]  jody worked as a college nursing  instructor  [Music]  1992 was a leap year  two hours into february 29th 1992  there was a brutal attack in the master  bedroom of the family's home  41 year old p crockett who was seriously  injured but conscious  came into the room of his son kenneth  pete had been hacked slashed and stabbed  several times  kenneth who was unharmed helped his  father out of the house  pete and kenneth made their way to a  neighbor's home that was about a  thousand feet  from their own home the neighbors called  the police  first responders rushed to the area  pete was taken to the hospital and he  ultimately survived  he had broken bones in both arms in a  fractured skull  the master bedroom was bathed in blood  on the bed was 41 year old jody cooper  who was clearly dead  she had suffered 23 wounds  her hands were nearly severed  his blade that she put up her hands to  try to defend herself  it was initially thought that the murder  weapon was an axe or a hatchet  but the medical examiner said that the  weapon was a long  thin bladed instrument most likely a  machete  notably absent from the house that  morning was jody's 17 year old son  jeremy about an hour after the murder  the police found jeremy walking down the  road towards his home  he was immediately picked up and brought  to the police station  and then questioned regarding his  whereabouts for the time of the attack  jeremy did not have a clear alibi  he said he had snuck out of the house to  meet up with a pair of friends  [Music]  the police talked to one of his friends  eighteen-year-old jason detel  the detail said he had no idea jeremy  was planning on meeting up with him  [Music]  to tell did say that he was out driving  that morning and he came across  jeremy who was walking beside the  highway  he picked him up and drove him part of  the way home  the police checked the clothes that  jeremy was wearing  on his black jeans they found two  nickel-sized blood stains  they checked his glasses and discovered  a blood smear that was not visible to  the naked eye  at the crime scene the forensic expert  found a bloody fingerprint  on the door leading out of the house  it turned out that the print came from  jeremy's right ring finger  so hours after the attack jeremy was  arrested  [Music]  the police continued to question the  friend who jeremy was supposed to meet  that night  jason to tell  to tell told the police that jeremy  hated his parents that he talked about  getting rid of them  details said that he kept a machete in  his pickup truck  but had been missing since the murderer  he said that was possible that jeremy  put the machete in his backpack  the day before the attack  [Music]  forensic evidence backed up the theory  that the tel's machete was the murder  weapon  flecks of black paint were found in  jody's wounds and in a wall that had  been struck with the murder weapon  detail had used black spray paint to  paint the machete black  [Music]  as 17 year old jeremy cooper was being  held in the county jail  the case against him fell apart  there was no disputing that jeremy's  bloody fingerprint was found on the door  it was the fingerprint from his right  ring finger  the problem was that the fingerprint  wasn't visible to the naked eye  it was only found after it was sprayed  with a chemical that reacts a protein in  blood  the police could not tell what the  bloody fingerprint was put there  if it could have been there for over a  year  another problem is is that on the night  of the murder jeremy had cut his right  ring finger  so he could let the print there earlier  that night and cleaned it up  the police had no way to tell whose  blood it was or if it was even human  or animal blood  then there was the blood smudge on the  lens of jeremy's glasses  it also was invisible to the naked eye  a dna test was performed on the smudge  it turned out to be jeremy's blood  the two small blood stages on his pants  were tested and the results were  inclusive  jeremy's lawyer pointed out that the  murder was a bloodbath  the killer definitely would have been  covered in blood  here ago if jeremy had been the killer  they would have found a lot more blood  on him  than two small stains on his pants  another problem was motive  [Music]  jeremy admitted that he and his  stepfather did not get along  he said they were like two strangers who  lived in the same house  but he loved his mother and he had no  reason to kill her  [Music]  he also didn't despise his stepfather  enough to kill him  also no other evidence connected jeremy  to the murderer  p crockett couldn't remember much about  the attack and he did not get a good  look at the assailant  the murder weapon was never found  jeremy didn't have a criminal record a  history of disciplinary problems  or any known mental health problems  since there was absolutely no evidence  connecting jeremy to the murder  six months after he was arrested in  september 1992  jeremy's lawyer went to the idaho  supreme court  he argued that jeremy was being  unlawfully imprisoned  a month later after spending 261 days in  jail jeremy was released on a 25 000  bail during his time in jail  jeremy turned 18 and he missed his high  school graduation  after being released on bail jeremy  moved to las vegas nevada  to live with his paternal grandparents  the charges against him were eventually  dismissed  but they could have been refiled at any  time  preet crockett said that after jeremy  was released  he was afraid for his own safety and the  safety of his son  [Music]  jeremy was asked if he knew who killed  his mother and he said he had theories  but he wouldn't elaborate he also said  he wasn't worried about being charged  again  because they wouldn't find any evidence  that connected him to the murder  because he didn't have anything to do  with the murder  jeremy's father believes he was set up  [Music]  jeremy's lawyer said that the police  ignored evidence that implicated  other people he hired a private  investigator  and the private investigator looked at  jason nattel's truck  and he found blood the police never  searched to tell his truck  or tested the blood  [Music]  the morning of the murder jeremy was  supposed to meet up with two friends  and one of them was to tell the other  friend was a young man named corey stark  in stark's vehicle a bloody rag was  found  [Music]  after it was found stark disappeared  from the area  he reappeared months later and he  eventually gave a sample of his dna  but the results of those tasks are  unknown  jeremy's lawyer did not accuse the town  stark of being involved in the murder  what he pointed out that the police  ignored other potential evidence  because they were solely focused on  jeremy  it's been over 19 years since the murder  of jody cooper  and no other arrests have been made  in 2019 a sheriff's deputy said progress  has been made in the case  the deputy said that many people thought  that the murder might be related to the  fact  that p crockett was growing marijuana  [Music]  but the deputy said that they do not  think that the attack was drug related  he said that they have gone back and  interviewed people  who were persons of interest  he said that some of their stories were  inconsistent with what they said  back in 1992 he said that it doesn't  necessarily make them guilty  because they could just have a bad  memory  but he said that these inconsistencies  were worth exploring  the friends and family of jody cooper  are hoping that one day soon  the police will finally close the case  thank you so much for watching today's  video please check out the latest  episode of our podcast  into the killing in this week's episode  we look at bizarre mass murder  that happened in 2003 the only thing  more shocking than the massacre  is how it was solved you can find into  the killing on spotify  apple podcast google podcast and  anywhere you find great podcasts.


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